It’s come this far. Why risk spoiling it now?

It begins with the keg delivery, and ends with the first cool sip. Seems simple enough, right?
If you know a thing or two about draught beer, you know that’s not really true.

There’s actually a lot of things involved. Between the time when the kegs arrive, to the moment the bartender tips the pint glass to the tap – that’s where we come in. Correct installation, draught line maintenance, faucet management, even proper glass washing are all part of making a perfect pour.


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Ever heard of the two beer hangover?
We're in the business of making sure those never happen.

About Jay

I’m an extreme hockey fan, fisherman, amateur surfer, and proud dog owner living in Cobble Hill. I’ll always be a Leafs fan first and foremost, but if they don’t make the playoffs I’ll cheer for the Canucks. I like being outdoors, exploring the island or cruising Lake Cowichan on my boat. To say I enjoy barbecuing is an understatement – I currently own four. Of course, I also love beer! Any Vancouver Island craft brew will do. Cheers!
"Great guy, great service!"
-John Smith, Nanaimo Tap House

Our Services

Founded on southern Vancouver Island in 2005, On Tap Services has over 25 years of experience
in just about everything involving draught beer maintenance and installation.
We also like to drink good, clean beer – but that’s part of the job, really. Someone has to do it.

Beer Line MaintenanceBeer Line Maintenance
We provide total draught
line and faucet maintenance on a bi-monthly or monthly schedule. 

We install taps, lines, and just about anything else you’ll need to get the cold brews pouring right.

Glass WashersGlass Washers
Have one of these behind your bar? They’re sanitary, convenient and your bartenders will love you.

Dispensing ProductsDispensing Products
We sell draught beer and liquor dispensing gear – couplers, faucets, towers, glycol decks and more.

We're proud to provide high-quality, affordable service.
And if there's something you need that we don't have, we'll be sure to find it for you.

Installation Gallery

Moutcha Bay Resort, Nootka Sound

View Project

Moutcha Bay Resort, Nootka Sound
1 January 1970
Ceramic Draught Tower

View Project

Ceramic Draught Tower
1 January 1970
Prime Chophouse, Courtenay

View Project

Prime Chophouse, Courtenay
1 January 1970

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